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True Multiplexed Panel-Based Tests

We are Etta
... we make readerless LittleLabs®

Our biomarker-based tests transform diagnostics, and make people’s lives better.
Etta's lab-on-a-chip design miniaturizes panel-based tests for true multiplexing at point-of-care.

True Multiplexing
Multiplexed Biomarker-Based

Panels give a much richer understanding than a single test of what is going on in a patient. The future belongs to algorithms that interpret their meaning offering insight, accuracy and precision.

Sensitive & Specific
Panel Based Tests Improve Sensitivity and Specificity

Etta's diagnostic platform is a little lab that uses FDA cleared and novel biomarkers. Biomarkers are measured quantitatively, in multiplex with algorithms to help doctors make better care decisions.

Save Money
Personalized, Precision Medicine

Etta's one drop of blood one step portable tests reduce cost. We realize that personalized, precision medicine at the point of care, is only feasable with dramatic cost reduction.

Fast & Portable
Diagnostics, Anywhere, Anytime

Unlike conventional biochip technologies, our tests don't need a reader and can measure many biomarkers at once. Results can sync to a connected device and be securely sent to you doctor.

Our Team making it happen

Interdisciplinary team with big ideas.

Stephanie Griffin
CEO / Founder

Stephanie Griffin is the founder of Etta, and previously held an executive position at AuthenTec prior to its $356MM acquisition by Apple in late 2012. Stephanie holds two utility patents for their fingerprint sensor technology that is now the foundation of Apple’s new Touch ID and Apple Pay. At AuthenTec, she successfully drove an authentication and mobile payments vision. Stephanie loves turning early stage technology into identified ‘gap’ products that disrupt markets.

Laurie Knutson
President / CFO

Laurie’s background across the healthcare spectrum includes design and implementation of technology solutions for hospital systems, health plans, and 3rd party reimbursement. She brings a practical approach to finding gaps in the market where solutions dramatically impact patient care, patient engagement, and reduce systemic costs. Laurie has worked in big-three consulting firms, health informatics organizations, banking, and biometrics technology firms. Laurie has a Finance MBA from the Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota.

Bruce Batten, Ph.D.

Bruce has a solid background in both academics, running research labs at Harvard and Tufts, as well as a track record and passion for med-tech startups. Bruce is also a former CEO and General Manager at two-semiconductor industry companies and has both microfluidics and biomarker experience. Bruce has his PhD from Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine, with post Doctorate work in Cell Biology at Harvard Medical School.

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